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Your guide to spring cleaning: Part two

Now that you’ve made a list of your rooms to clean, divided the house into sections, and created a master checklist of spring cleaning tasks, you’re ready to get started.

At Turner Farms Self Storage in Garner, we can help with spring cleaning - woman scrubbing floor

Before you get down and dirty, read this

(Need help with a list? Download this handy spring cleaning outline (PDF) from marthastewart.com. It includes many tasks you might otherwise forget, such as switching out old batteries in the smoke detectors and updating your first aid kit.)

Now, create a calendar of cleaning for the next few weekends, and stick with it. By tackling one section at a time, your game plan will allow you to complete a thorough cleaning without overwhelming you.

Next, enlist the help of your family and/or friends (and if your budget permits, perhaps a professional cleaning service!). While you may be able to complete the bulk of the work solo, some of the smaller tasks — organizing dresser drawers, for example — can be done by easily by the kids.

Offer rewards for their help. For example, if they gather old clothes and toys to sell at a garage sale, let them keep the money they make from the sale of those items.

Just as some of the smaller responsibilities can be delegated to the young family members, some of the bigger tasks may require help. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner rather than renting  a machine yourself. Keep your eyes open for Coupon Clipper and Groupon deals for such services.

Rearranging furniture requires some brawn; don’t be afraid to call on your spouse, neighbor or friend to move heavy items.

Lastly, gather your arsenal of cleaning supplies. Keep them together for the duration of your spring cleaning fest — if possible, in one room, like the laundry room. Consider keeping toxic chemicals out of the home by purchasing eco-friendly cleaners or making your own.

In part three of our spring cleaning series, we’ll explore how to keep things simple while you make your way through each room, slaying dust bunnies, banishing seasonal decor, and creating a spring-friendly environment for all inhabitants.

If Turner Farms Self Storage can help you with any step of the spring cleaning process, please contact us.

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